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Lynchburg fundraiser planned to help solve murder of VT students

September 23, 2009
  • Lynchburg fundraiser planned to help solve murder of VT students
Lynchburg fundraiser planned to help solve murder of VT students

New information has been slow in coming on the murder investigation of two Virginia Tech students.

David Metzler and Heidi Childs were found dead in the Caldwell Fields section of Montgomery County nearly a month ago.

A special task force is searching for leads in the case, and there's a $50,000 dollar reward to back that up.

But family and friends of Metzler and Childs believe an even larger incentive will bring out more answers.

It's a fundraiser where getting a haircut could break open a murder case.

Flyers are going up in the Lynchburg area.

They're advertising a 'Cut-a-thon', something that could help the Metzler and Childs reward fund reach a large goal.

Emily Dunn has been overwhelmed with support since her sister Heidi was tragically killed last month.

"One day I walked in my Mom's house and it looked like a florist. People are just bringing flowers and cards are pouring in our mail," says Dunn.


Some from as far away as California.

"People that don't even know us are caring and that means the world."

Now, Dunn's employer is pitching in too.

The owner of London Hair Company came to her with an idea.

 "He had been wanting to help my family and he had no idea how," explains Dunn.

He eventually cut out the perfect plan.

Take all the money raised from hair cuts in one day and give every penny to the reward fund.

The result: A "cut-a-thon" , an unusual name, but an idea Dunn found touching.

"It really touched my heart completely because people really care about people who are going through a hard time."

Small comfort in the face of unspeakable tragedy.

"It's definitely been a nightmare for me. I think it's been a journey also. It's gotten easier and the only way I've gotten through it is knowing that she's in a better place and that she's smiling down at me," says Dunn.

The Cut-A Thon is October 3rd at London Hair Company.

That's in the Waterlick Plaza Shopping Center off Timberlake Road.

There will also be a bake sale that day where you can buy baked goods or just make a donation, something the reward fund is already benefiting from.

Virginia Tech has chipped in $10,000 and a group of Lynchburg area doctors raised $30,000.

The goal is $100,000 and Dunn believes events like the one at her salon next month will get them there.

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