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Mother and stepfather of Aveion Lewis in court

March 01, 2010
  • Morgan Lockett
Morgan Lockett

UPDATED Tuesday @ 6:19 p.m.

Parents accused of murdering their two-year-old will remain behind bars.

Tuesday, Morgan Lockett and her husband, Brandon Lockett, went before a judge charged in the death of Morgan's two-year-old son, Aveion Lewis.

The couple was brought in, one at time, to be appointed attorneys.

It's the first time, we've seen Brandon Lockett since mid-January when he was arrested for charges in this case.

The 24-year-old sat quietly as Judge Clifford Weckstein read the charges - second degree murder, child neglect and cruelty.

The judge assigned him attorney Tom Blaylock.

After he was lead out, Morgan Ward Lockett was brought in.

Upset and crying, she rocked and wiped her eyes as the charges were read.

Morgan Lockett asked for more time to get a lawyer on her own, as she's been in talks to hire Richard Lawrence.

Morgan Lockett is set to be back in a few days to update the court on her progress finding a lawyer.


Otherwise, the couple is due back on April 5th.

UPDATED: Tuesday @ 2:20 p.m.

Morgan and Brandon Lockett made their first appearance in Roanoke City Circuit Court Tuesday.

Brandon Lockett asked for and was granted a court-appointed attorney.  Morgan asked for more time to hire her own attorney.  No family was present for Tuesday's court hearing. 

UPDATED: Tuesday 12:50 p.m.

Morgan and Brandon Lockett are scheduled to make their first appearances in Roanoke City Circuit Court at 1:30 today.  Check back here and watch News-7 at Five and News-7 at Six for more information.


Another person charged in the death of Aveion Lewis: His mother.

Monday, Morgan Lockett and her husband, Brandon Lockett were indicted by a Roanoke grand jury.

The couple was charged with second degree murder, child neglect and cruelty to a child.

The two-year old was reported missing in mid-January -and after nearly two-weeks of searching, the baby's body was found in a Roanoke County landfill.

They're family and she'll continue to support her, that from Morgan Lockett's sister, Cara Ward.

Aveion's aunt is defending her little sister, saying her only crime was marrying Brandon Lockett.

Cara Ward never dreamed she'd be bagging up a picture of Morgan Lockett and her son Aveion for the murdered toddler's memorial.

Saying goodbye to Aveion has been hard, now the news her sister has been indicted.

"She should have maybe caught warning signs, but I know she didn't directly kill her child, maybe indirectly by being with him," says Cara Ward.

Ward says, her sister, Morgan has cooperated with police from the beginning.

And while, at first Morgan didn't want to believe anything bad about her husband, Ward says when the news came down that Aveion had not been kidnapped, and was instead dead, her family had no problems believing Brandon Lockett could have played a role in Aveion's death.

"When he came into her life, he turned it upside down. Now she has to pay for his sins. Maybe her sins, too, but not all the way, not murdering her own child," says Ward.

Aveion had been placed in foster care in May of 2008, returned to the home in March of 2009 and was found dead less than a year later.

Ward hopes women can learn something from this horrible tragedy. Do your homework, when you're marrying someone.

Don't let just anyone move into your home, with your kids.

"Women wake up, you are the protector of your kids. You are there to defend them, at the end of the day, that's all that matters," says Ward.

Morgan Lockett's three other children are staying with their grandmother.

Ward says the service to celebrate Aveion's life will go on as scheduled on March 13th.


The mother and stepfather of a two-year-old Roanoke boy have now been charged with his murder.

Morgan and Brandon Lockett were indicted Monday by a grand jury.

Two-year-old Aveion Lewis disappeared in January.

His body was found about two weeks later in a landfill.

Brandon Lockett has been in custody on child neglect and obstruction of justice charges.

Aveion's mother, Morgan turned herself in at the Roanoke Police Department Monday and was taken to the Roanoke City Jail.

They both face murder, child neglect and cruelty charges.

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