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Breast Cancer Heroes

March 16, 2010
  • Breast Cancer Heroes
Breast Cancer Heroes

Honor Your Breast Cancer Hero Here

As we prepare for the Roanoke Valley's first Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure on April 10, we'd like to honor our area's breast cancer heroes.

We all know heroes in the fight against breast cancer.  It might be someone fighting the disease or someone you want to remember for their courage.  Your breast cancer hero might be a caregiver, a neighbor, a friend, or a family member who helped you through the struggle.  Heroes also may be doctors, nurses, or others in the medical profession who were compassionate and caring during your treatment. 

Honor your breast cancer hero by telling their story to encourage others.  We'll post the hero stories here.  To send us a story, please use the form at the bottom of this page below the hero stories.



Hero Stories:

Submitted by Kayli Perdue, Roanoke
Hero: RoseMary Sink, Nana
Nana is my hero because boy has she been through a lot. We know cancer in itself its a hard word to cope with especially when it is you that is being diagnosed. I could not even imagine how those words could make you feel. She saw her mother battle with breast cancer and I know that was not easy. When Nana was diagnosed it was caught early and she had a decision to make, either have the spot itself removed or remove both breast. She went with the double mesectomy, I know that was a rough procedure but a very good decision. She has now healed from that as well and completed all of her follow up chemos all 6 down. I want Nana to know we love her and are proud of her success and sticking with it to fight cancer. She is such a big piece of our family the glue that helps us all stick together. We love you Nana and VERY PROUD OF YOU!!

Submitted by Karen Craft, Roanoke
Hero: Faith Newcomb
My co-worker and best friend was diagnosted with Breast Cancer last year around this time. I am so proud of her. Even though she won't admit to it, she's been really strong and couragous through everything. She will always be my hero. I love and admire her.

Submitted by Jessica Weatherington, Wytheville
Hero: Louise Hagen, grandmother
My Nana is the strongest woman I know. She was diagnosed a couple years ago with breast cancer. She endured so much pain through surgery and treatments while always thinking of her family first. We praised God that she spent roughly a year cancer free. The cancer has returned and is inoperable but she fights daily and continues treatments. I have never met a more brave and faithful woman. I love you, Nana with all my heart!

Submitted by Angel Walker, Roanoke
Hero: Dr. Carol Wray
Dr. Wray is definitely a hero. She fought the battle of breast cancer with such dignity and strength meanwhile never complaining and continuing to take care of her patients going through the same thing.  She should be wearing a super hero cape everywhere she goes.

Submitted by Sheri Moneymaker, Buena Vista
Hero: Linda Wilson
My mother is a 20 year survivor of breast cancer. She is my hero because during and after her ordeal she was a lady. She took it in stride even when she had a partial masectomy. Breast cancer did not deteriorate her spirit nor her will to survive. I love and admire her.

Submitted by Rodney Lawless, Callaway
Hero: Tammy Lawless
My wife Tammy is not only my hero, but a God sent best friend. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in Jan. 2007. She went through surgery, chemo and all of the radiation with an awesome and positive attitude. I have witnessed her unselfishly and unbeknownst to anyone else give up or do without so someone else could have. Before the cancer I had like many people the wrong attitude about life, now thanks to my wife showing me no matter what happens, or how other people treat you, always remember that God is still in control and that he does not promise anyone tomorrow and to cherish each and every day like it was the last one. So now every day I say a prayer and thank God for my wife and all of the wonderful times he has allowed me to spend with her.

Submitted by Samantha Guzman, Roanoke
Hero: Faith Blevins Newcomb
Faith found out last April that she had Breast Cancer in her left breast. She has had a radical mastectomy, chemo therapy, radiation, her ovaries removed (her cancer is very estrogen reactive) and faces a reconstruction surgery this summer. Through all of this she has been a real trooper, kept a positive attitude and been an inspiration to everyone of us here at work. We will continue to stand behind Faith in her fight and she will continue to be an inspiration!

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