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Wesley Earnest found guilty, Jury recommends life


March 22, 2010
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Elena Edwards says she spoke to security about locking Jocelyn Earnest's office on the morning Earnest died. On that morning, Earnest says she saw a woman named Sarah Myer heading toward Earnest's office. Edwards told Myers she should not enter Earnest's office. Myer never entered Earnest's office, according to Edwards.

UPDATED: 9:20 a.m.

Philipa Rollins works as a security officer for Genworth Financial. Upon learning of Jocelyn Earnest's death in December 2007, Rollins says she had an "instinctive response" to deactivate Earnest's employee badge (key to facility) and have her office secured. Earnest's office was locked and keys were given to security. Rollins says she kept the office locked until law enforcement arrived to perform a search.

Kelly Shager was first to testify Thursday morning. Shager was Jocelyn Earnest's supervisor at Genworth Financial in Lynchburg. Shager also knows Maysa Munsey and Marcy Shepherd and knew nothing about a relationship between Shepherd and Earnest before Earnest died.


Shager was traveling to see relatives for Christmas on December 20, 2007 when she received a call from Munsey. Munsey asked Shager if she knew whether Jocelyn Earnest's laptop was in her office. Shager offered to have someone go in Earnest's office to see if her laptop was there. By the time Shager received Munsey's call, she had already been notified about Jocelyn Earnest's death by someone else.

DAY SEVEN - March 31

UPDATED: 4:00 p.m.

Court is adjourning for the day. Defense Attorney Joey Sanzone says he plans to call 12 witnesses on Thursday.

UPDATED: 3:20 p.m.

Wesley Earnest's mother worked to explain why he was staying in a trailer at a Chesapeake campground shortly after Jocelyn Earnest's death. Pat Wimmer says her son's lease was ending in December 2007 and that he needed to move. While he was moving, Wimmer offered to let Wesley stay in her RV trailer. She and her husband drove the RV down to Chesapeake at the end of December.

When she arrived at the campground, Wimmer registered the RV. The person filling out the registration wrote down the name "Wesley Earnest Wimmer." Wimmer says it was a mistake - that the person writing down his name misunderstood her and thought Earnest was a middle name and that Wesley's last name was the same as hers. Wimmer says she knew nothing about Shameka Wright, a woman Earnest was dating. She knew that Wesley was getting a divorce.

UPDATED: 2:30 p.m.

Maysa Munsey was brought in by defense attorneys to testify about her relationship with Jocelyn Earnest. On the witness stand, Munsey appeared to be clutching a bulletin from a memorial service for Earnest.

Munsey says she stayed at Jocelyn Earnest's home frequently, but she did not officially live there. She can't remember when she stayed with Earnest around the time she died. She did not spend the night on December 18 or 19th. She said her activities would dictate whether she stayed at Jocelyn's house. If they were doing something around Jocelyn's house that would have caused her to stay late, she would spend the night. The only overnight stay Munsey can remember with Jocelyn was a trip to West Virginia on December 9th, 10 days before Jocelyn died.

Munsey says she knew Jocelyn Earnest's alarm code and knew where to find a spare key to her house. Munsey says she never spent the night alone in Jocelyn's house. There would be evenings where she would come to Jocelyn's home in the middle of the night and would come to Jocelyn's house to sleep in the spare bedroom. Prior to Jocelyn Earnest's death, Munsey says she never socialized with Marcy Shepherd and knew nothing about a romantic relationship between Shepherd and Jocelyn Earnest. Munsey says that she would often arrive at Jocelyn's house to see Marcy there. The two did not socialize together before Jocelyn died.

Munsey says she asked Jocelyn to take time off on December 19th. There was a charge against Munsey in Amherst. Munsey was going to turn herself in to investigators and wanted Jocelyn to come with her. The two went to Amherst and met with an attorney that Munsey had acquired. Munsey knew about the evidence that was being held against her. Her voice was on tape using Candy Dooms' social security number without permission.

Munsey works for Genworth Financial, a company that Earnest also worked for. She has been there for 14 years. Munsey says she does not have access to personnel information or files of other Genworth employees. Munsey says she and Jocelyn Earnest did not work together, but that certain projects that both worked on would occasionally intersect. Her work relationship with Marcy Shepherd was the same.

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