UPDATED: Funeral held for murdered Virginia lacrosse player

May 07, 2010
  • UPDATED: Funeral held for murdered Virginia lacrosse player
UPDATED: Funeral held for murdered Virginia lacrosse player

It was an emotional farewell Saturday for a famed UVA student athlete who is now even more in the spotlight.

That's after Yeardley Love's roommate found her beaten to death nearly five days ago.

At her funeral in Baltimore Saturday, the media was not allowed. Her friends and family wanted to keep this final time private.

Still, people who never met Love, felt the pain of her loss.

"I just think the whole thing is so tragic. I mean, 22 years old, killed in such a tragic manner," says Joan Lugo, who stopped to watch from across the street. "I'm bawling my eyes out; I don't even know the girl."

Inside the Baltimore cathedral, Love's teammates sat...her lacrosse coach expected to say a few words though no one...not even complete strangers understand how they've ended up here.

"I graduated from the university in 1975. It just really seemed to hit me hard: the senselessness, the incomprehensibility; you know, just so many different aspects of it I think have overwhelmed people," says Mike Williams.


George Huguely, Love's former boyfriend, is facing first-degree murder for her death.

As of this weekend, three newspapers including, the Washington Post, have asked a judge to unseal a court order to free up access to search warrants related to the murder investigation.

UPDATED: Friday 11:00 p.m.

Yeardley Love will be laid to rest on Saturday.

Friday night, new information came out about disturbing incidents allegedly involving the man accused of murdering her.

George Huguely reportedly attacked one of his teammates last year.

Also, a couple who knew Huguely from his childhood is speaking out, all of this on a day there were tributes in Charlottesville and Love's hometown.

On the UVA campus Friday, a special mass was held for Yeardley Love, a chance for students to comfort one another during this time of grief.

Before the mass, students gathered in a circle outside to pray for Yeardley Love's family.

Meanwhile three hours up the road at a funeral home just outside of Baltimore, family friends and teammates gathered Friday afternoon for Love's viewing.

While loved ones are saying goodbye, there are still more questions than answers to why this happened.

Charlottesville Police are investigating other possible incidents between Love and George Huguely, the man charged with her murder

One apparently took place at a bar the day before the murder, and one two months ago where reportedly two UNC lacrosse players stepped in to pull Huguely away from Love.

Kathy and Peter Preston recall a different George Huguely from the one now accused in the slaying of Yeardley Love.

The couple's children grew up next door in Maryland.

Their kids even practiced lacrosse with him.

According to Peter Preston, "That wasn't George that night, that was somebody who had taken over, that is not him. That's all I can figure."

The Washington Post talked to a former lacrosse player who was on the team with Huguely.

The source says Huguely attacked a teammate who was asleep after he heard that teammate kissed Love.

Yeardley Love's funeral will take place on Saturday in Baltimore.

UVa's president is set to meet with Governor Bob McDonnell next week. 

John Casteen wants police to be required to report the off campus arrests of any students.

That meeting is expected to take place at the Governor's mansion on Tuesday.


TOWSON, Md. (AP) -- Dozens of people have gathered at a funeral home for the viewing of Yeardley Love, a University of Virginia lacrosse player who was slain earlier this week.

The viewing, the first of two to be held Friday at the Ruck Funeral Home in Towson, was restricted to friends and family.

Around a half-dozen members of the Georgetown women's lacrosse team, including one carrying a lacrosse stick, were among a steady stream of people entering the building.

The Virginia women's lacrosse team was expected to attend Friday.

The 22-year-old Love was found beaten to death in her off-campus apartment on Monday. George Huguely, a member of the UVA men's lacrosse team, remains jailed on a charge of first-degree murder.

Funeral services for Love will be held Saturday in Baltimore.

Priest reminds mourners to remember forgiveness

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) -- Mourners attending a Roman Catholic Mass honoring slain Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love were reminded to pray for the accused in the case as well.

Father Joseph Scordo told the crowd of about 100 Friday that Christianity calls on believers to not only treat friends and enemies with love, patience and care, but also forgiveness.

The 22-year-old Love was found apparently beaten to death in her off-campus apartment early Monday. Men's lacrosse player George Huguely was charged hours later with first-degree murder in her death. He told police he and Love had been in a relationship.

The service on campus was held hours before Love's family was to receive visitors at a funeral home in Maryland, and one day before her burial in a private ceremony in Maryland.


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