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May 21, 2010
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I went to Grayson County to cover an early morning fire.  A couple and their 4 year-old daughter died from smoke inhalation.  It was horrible.  I had to knock on neighbors doors to see if anyone there knew the family and if they would be willing to share what they were like. 

 After I knocked on a door, I heard a small "meow".  I looked and spotted a kitten.  It looked weird, but I was at a distance and couldn't tell what was wrong.  The cat came closer, and I noticed it had melted plastic all over the left side of its body.  I realized the kitten had been in the fire, and I thought it was dying.  It broke my heart!  The kitten followed me and kept meowing.  I knew it was asking for help.  I checked to see if it belonged to anyone in the neighborhood.  They said it was a stray.


News 7 photographer Chris Jenkins and I ended up taking it to a vet in Galax.  I walked in and told them he was in the fire and needed help.  I said I would pay the bills and asked them to just help him.  He seemed like he was in pain.  I ended up crying.  I don't know why I got so emotional.  It just really affected me. 

The vet told me the clinic may be able to find him a home.  I agreed.  Not longer afterwards, I decided to keep him.  I decided to name him Grayson for where I found him. 

Grayson spent two nights at the Galax Veterinary Clinic.  They got all the melted plastic off of him by shaving some of his fur.  There were several places that the hot plastic made it all the way to his skin and caused bleeding.  His two back paws were burned.  The tips of Grayson's ears were burned and later fell off.  He also lost about an inch of his tail.  Grayson was dehydrated, had worms and was starving.  The vet told me he wouldn't have made it thought the night.

A few days later, I picked up my new kitten.  They estimated his age to be about three months.  He's really sweet and very outgoing.  I could tell he was happy to have a new home.  However, Grayson required lots of extra care and more treatment.  He's been in and out of the vet's office, but he is nearly back to 100%....minus some of his ears and the tip of his tail.  He's a beautiful cat and quite the charmer.  I looked into his little eyes and couldn't think of giving him up after all he'd been through. 

November 12, 2008

I love this time of year!  The fall leaves are beautiful.  It's a great time to curl up in front of a fire. 

I always look forward to November and December because, like many of you, it's when I get to see close friends and family who mean so much. 

It's tough to describe the warm feeling many of us get this season.  We look forward to hot drinks, homemade pies and great shopping deals.

I really like buying gifts for other people too.  In fact, this is the first year that I have bought most of my Christmas gifts this early.  I know.  I'm proud of myself.  Usually I'm a last minute shopper.

And of course after the holidays - comes the ski season!  I can't wait.  I couldn't hit the slopes the past few seasons because of leg problems and surgery.  I know I'll have to start out slow, but I am so thankful to be able to return to the ski slopes this winter.  Easy does it though! 

August 15, 2008

I knew it would pick up in the NRV come mid-August!  You can tell - students are heading back to Blacksburg and Radford.  The news around here really heats up this time of year.  Earlier this week, I could bearing keep up with everything. 

Next week - we have the capital murder trial of James Jones.  He's accused of shooting and killing 39 year-old Ken Henry of Tennessee in Radford back in July 2006.

We'll be there Monday for jury selection.  The trial is slated for two weeks.

July 28, 2008

Yeah, yeah - I know it's been what like 6 months?  Well, I've finally returned to the blogging world, and I'm going to try to learn how to post pictures and videos on here as well. 

It's been kind of a slow summer here in the NRV but have no fear things will surely be busy as we round the corner into August.  I can't wait!  I'm looking forward to telling tons of brand new stories.  So if you have a story or think you me now and let's set it up because the fall season will be a crazy one at the NRV always is.

Well - make the most of these summer days.  Absolutely beautiful!

January 23, 2008

I hope all of your New Year resolutions are going well.  I've noticed more people working out at my gym lately.  That happens every year in January.  Most quit by late February - if that.  Ever notice?  Oh well - I shouldn't talk.  I could be better.

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