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May 21, 2010
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This day has also been difficult for me from a professional standpoint.  In my efforts to bring you thoughtful and complete coverage of today's fire, I ran into a disaster of my own.  I put together several stories for the 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts, but very little of what I assembled made it on-the-air on those initial broadcasts.

We were confronted with several technical issues in the field that prevented my video from making it to Roanoke.  At 5:00, I was left to narrate our fire coverage for nearly two minutes without any video of the fire itself.  At 6:00, most of my content made it on the air, but a computer meltdown caused the end of my longer story on the fire to get cut off.  I doubt many of you noticed the difference, but it was hurtful for me given how much effort I had put into my work.


My problems, however, pale in comparison to that of the owner of Liberty Station and his employees.  My deepest sympathies go out to them.  I certainly hope the building is able to be salvaged and returned to its former glory, inside and out.

September 4, 2009

After several weeks of covering very emotional stories, today I had a chance to sit down and enjoy a slower pace with some preschoolers.

In the photo, I am cutting out shapes in construction paper with some new friends at Randolph College preschool.  I was doing a story there on a new statewide initiative to rank daycare centers.  Randolph's program received the high mark of four stars.

Sometimes, it takes spending time with a bunch of three year olds to remind you what's important.  When my 3-year-old nephew came for a visit a few weeks ago, I finally had an excuse to go play in the park.  When you're 28, you have no business riding the swings and going down the slide unless you're doing it with a toddler.  Then, it's perfectly ok!

Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend! I have some fun plans in store, but I'm still trying to get over a late summer cold that I've come down with.  It's had me coughing and sneezing for the last three days.  My body just wasn't ready for that cold snap earlier in the week.

August 4, 2009

When I cover a story in Lynchburg, one of the most frequent questions I am asked is "how long did it take you to drive from Roanoke?" Despite the fact that News 7 has continuously maintained a newsroom in Lynchburg for more than 30 years, it seems that many people in the Hill City have no clue that we are here.  Not only do I live here full-time, I also work from a News 7 office that has been located in the Allied Arts building since the late 1970's.

One of my biggest goals as Lynchburg Newsroom Chief has been to increase awareness and visibility of News 7 here in Lynchburg.  Part of that has come through trying to cover as many stories here as I possibly can.  That can be difficult when you have eight counties to cover.

As a station, WDBJ 7 is also trying to put its support behind local events here in Lynchburg and surrounding counties.  We are a media sponsor for The Riverflick Film Series and I will serve as a host at the event this weekend.  We are also serving as media sponsor for the Campbell County Heritage Festival, which will take place in Naruna later this month.

We're doing what we can to get our name out, but we need your help as well.  Spread the word in Lynchburg about our newsroom and encourage your friends and neighbors to watch Your Hometown Station for stories from the Hill City.

July 24, 2009

It's a sad day for us here in the Lynchburg newsroom.  My photographer Andrea and I are saying goodbye to our summer intern, Megan Wood.

Megan has been with us since the beginning of June.  She's a Danville native and a rising junior at Wingate University in North Carolina.  During her short tenure, she has quickly become a vital part of what we do here in Lynchburg.  She has proven herself to be an excellent writer and someone I can trust to help out with stories.

When I went on vacation in June, Megan stepped in to take my place.  She covered stories on her own and earned praise for her work.  You may have also seen her on TV with a story she covered on a Danville eatery.  If you missed it, check it out here.  I can tell you the Hot Dogs at that restaurant are awesome and I will definitely be making a return visit!

Megan surprised us today with a delicious Doughnut Cake!

It's literally a giant doughnut, covered in chocolate icing.  I am now on a sugar high from eating the pastry, but a little down too since Megan is leaving us.  Best of luck Megan! Hopefully one day you can come back and work full-time at Your Hometown Station!

June 29, 2009

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