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Neighbors worried about the future of Countryside golf course

Roanoke city officials have scheduled a series of public meetings on property.

July 12, 2010|Elizabeth Harrington | Reporter

ROANOKE, Va — Some people in Roanoke say they don't trust city leaders.  The people who live in Countryside worry a series of meetings by the city is just for show.
The Countryside golf course closed March 1 and it hasn't been maintained in the last four months.  The course is overgrown with grass and weeds. It's an eyesore for neighbors.

Some neighbors believe Roanoke leaders already have a plan for the golf course but won't tell them. The city disputes that. Tom Carr with the Planning Department says the city is going back to square one. He doubts the property will stay a golf course.

Al Steele moved here 6 years ago. He planned to retire in Countryside. Now Steele worries the golf course could be replaced by another development or sold off.

"This is it," says Steele, "I'm here for the long run but I'm afraid of what they're gonna do, what my property value is going to be and I'd hate to move again."
On Monday night, Steele and about a dozen other neighbors met to discuss possible options for the Countryside golf course.

On Tuesday, the city of Roanoke begins their series of public meetings on the property. Tuesday night's meeting will held at William Fleming High School.

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