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July 13, 2010

May 17th

I don't feel obligated

  I had a lovely dinner with a couple of friends recently.  The food was so so, the company was great.  When the checks arrived, we started talking about tips.  I mentioned that I tip before the tax.  My friend replied she tips after the tax because she used to be a waitress and knows they don't make a lot of money.  I replied back that I shouldn't feel obligated to give the waiter/waitress more just because they don't make a decent wage.  Before you go spitting in my water the next time I'm dinning out, I typically tip 15% to 20% if the service is good.

I then mentioned it annoys me when you're at a store checking out and the clerk asks for your phone number.  I always tell them I don't give out my personal information.  That's when my other friend at dinner chimed in.  She thinks I am being rude because the company makes them ask for phone numbers.  I told her she should be mad at the company, not me.  I don't feel obligated to give out my phone number.  Some say I should give a fake number.  That's beside the point.  I want them to know I am not giving out my personal information.

While I am it, I find it increasingly annoying that a lot of stores now ask you to donate to some cause while you are checking out.  Don't get me wrong, they are worthy causes but it seems I am being asked every time I go shopping.  I used to feel guilty and just say yes.  It is only a dollar after all.  But now it's happening too often so I am not afraid to say no from time to time.

Am I becoming an old fart?  Perhaps but I just don't feel obligated!


May 2nd

Complaints and Complainers

I received a complaint about my texting 911 story.  One example mentioned was how texting 911 could be beneficial is if a man was trying to break into a woman's home she could text 911 from the closet rather than call and give up her location.  A viewer wasn't happy with this example.  She e-mailed to say it smacked of sexism.  She believes "specifying a woman as helpless and vulnerable reinforces stereotypes better left in the dustbin of history."  I don't think my example came off as sexist.  I apologize if some took it that way.  It wasn't my intent.

We received numerous complaints about our recent weather coverage.  News 7 has had to break into regular programing a lot lately because of severe weather.  People are usually upset because they can't see the rest of their show.  I can understand the frustration to a degree but we are going to break into programming when people's lives could be in danger.

When I tell callers that, they usually respond "well it's not bad where I live."   I usually fire back if a tornado was touching down at your home, you would want to know, right?  Tell you what, the next time you call to complain about the interruptions, I will take your name and address and when a tornado touches down in your neighborhood we will ignore it.  You are on your own.  Good luck!

Some will also complain "well it never ends up being bad."  Try telling that to the residents of Pulaski, Halifax County, and Washington County.  They've all seen how destructive a tornado can be.  You just never know.  Sometimes tornadoes touch down, other times they don't.  If you still feel this way, I guess this means your crystal ball works better than mine.

We often get the same people who call and complain to News 7.  They call constantly.  There is this one guy in particular.  He calls several times a week.  He is never nice.  He never has a compliment.  He just complains.  He calls so often none of us take him seriously.  My point is don't protest too much.  Don't get me wrong, we welcome complaints here at News 7.  We are not perfect.  But don't complain about silly things like missing out on your favorite program for a tornado and finally keep the calls to a minimum.  I am no Dr. Laura.

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