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Roanoke pizza driver robbed and beaten

Domino's owner says William David Hodges is in ICU

July 20, 2010|Hollani Davis | Anchor/Reporter

Roanoke, Va. — A Roanoke pizza driver simply trying to make a delivery was not only robbed but beaten so severely his boss says he's in intensive care at a local hospital.

The assault happened around midnight Monday in the 3700 block of Springvale Street off of Yellow Mountain Road in the Garden City area.

Witnesses say the delivery man was bleeding from his head by the time they got to him.

Tia Sizer was one of those people who happened to be standing outside that night watching some commotion going on at another house.

It all went down fast and it was dark but Sizer says out of nowhere she saw the delivery man get out of his car and then recalls at least three people popping out of the bushes rushing the man.  A few kicks, a few hits and then she says the culprits disappeared.
"He had blood all around him.   Me and my sister and a couple other people went down there and picked him up.  He couldn't really remember his name at the time.  He couldn't really remember nothing," says Sizer.


William David Hodges is the 42-year-old delivery man who was attacked.  He works for Domino's on Williamson Road.  The owner of the franchise says his drivers carry less than $20 on them at all times. 
A spokesman from Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital reports Hodges was in good condition as of Tuesday afternoon.

Roanoke police have yet to make an arrest in this case so they're asking the public to call with any tips.  There number is (540) 344-8500.

News7 spoke with a few other neighbors who say they saw two to three older white teenagers wearing shirts over their heads near the pizza delivery man's car before they ran off.

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