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UPDATED: Roanoke County police investigating possible meth lab

Police have closed off a property on Riverview Road

July 30, 2010|David Seidel | Assignment Manager


State Police and DEA investigators confirmed the materials found on Riverview Road were part of an active meth lab.  The lab has been disassembled and cleanup is nearly complete, according to Roanoke County Police.

No charges have been placed at this point.


Roanoke County police are investigating a possible meth lab in the southeast section of the county.  Police have closed off a property on Riverview Road, off Lake Street and Highland Road.

Assistant Police Chief Donna Furrow said the property is secluded and there is no indication of danger to neighboring homes or properties.  Police are waiting for specialized investigators ro come to the scene.


Furrow said county police were assisting social services with an unrelated investigation when an officer saw some suspicious material.

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