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Warbirds Over Salem to take flight this weekend

Roanoke Valley Radio Ccontrol Club event to benefit VFW

August 18, 2010|Bob Grebe | Reporter

SALEM, Va. —     "Warbirds Over Salem" is this weekend.
    The Roanoke Valley Radio Control Club event will benefit the VFW.  Military history will be on display and in the air, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and Sunday.
    Just as interesting as viewing the warbirds in the air is seeing them close up.
    "Some of these pilots have spent hundreds of hours putting these models together just so they can share the enjoyment with other pilots and spectators alike," said Matthew Shimchock, RVRC president.
    Others enjoy the opportunity to pilot a plane from the history books.
    "To us, to have something that we can stay on the ground and fly just like a full scale, and do formation flying, and try to replicate things that happen in the air 40, 60, almost 100 years ago, is a wonderful thing," said Josh May, contest director.
    Warbirds over Salem will be held at the RVRC Field.  It's located just behind Timber Truss off of 4th Street in Salem.
    Spectator admission is free.  Proceeds from the concessions and pilot fees will benefit the VFW.

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