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Dirty Dancing memorabilia auctioned for cancer research

The Ebay auction hopes to raise $10,000

September 15, 2010|Patrick Murphy | News 7 intern

PEMBROKE, Va. — The classic 1980s movie 'Dirty Dancing' will soon offer fans a chance to own a part of history.

The Mountain Lake Hotel in Pembroke, where much of the film was shot, had a special guest today.

General manager of the hotel, Buzz Scanland, was approached by Franke Previte with an interesting offer.

Previte co-wrote the movie's theme song "The Time of My Life." Today he delivered a copy of his handwritten lyrics that will be up for auction on Ebay starting next week.

"I think once you see the picture of what we've done, and the artwork that Buzz put together for me to write the lyrics on, I think you'd be proud to have it," Previte said. "I really do. (Even) I want it."

The songwriter also reminisced about his classic tune as he sat in the place where it all began.

"We all knew at that moment that was our song," Previte said. "When we filmed that scene, at the end of the day we looked at each other and said, oh my God, what just happened. Let's go make this movie."


All money raised will go toward pancreatic cancer research to honor the film's star Patrick Swayze who died on Sept. 14, 2009.

Previte is also releasing the original demo recordings of the film's most popular songs, which are available for purchase on several music downloading sites.

The Ebay auction will run for about six months. Previte hopes to raise at least $10,000.00.

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