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UPDATED: Roanoke's William Fleming High School not fully accredited

School Board Chairman says it is the direct result of the SOL cheating scandal

September 15, 2010|Justin McLeod | Reporter

ROANOKE, Va — William Fleming High School is not fully accredited under state standards.

School Board Chairman David Carson told News 7's Justin McLeod says the school meeting accreditation the past several years was a direct result of the Standards of Learning cheating scandal.

Administrators at Fleming were changing student schedules so they wouldn't have to take certain SOL tests.  Principal Susan Willis was later fired.

David Carson says this past year with all students taking the test, Fleming's overall scores were lower.  David Carson told News 7 the school board is disappointed but not necessarily surprised.

Superintendent Rita Bishop says Fleming gave 800 additional tests this year.  Bishop told News 7 "you pretend that you are a school and you are given a test with only minimum review to students who may have had the course a year or so earlier so the slam for us is this tremendous amount of students that had to take the science exam."

The other schools not fully accredited in Roanoke City are Westside Elementary and Lincoln Terrace.  Last year, Westside was the only school in Roanoke not to be fully accredited.  This year, there are three.


Superintendent Bishop wouldn't mention Lincoln Terrace Elementary by name but said she was very disappointed the school is accredited with warning.  Bishop told News 7 "I just said to the principals this morning that not being fully accredited is not acceptable period."

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