Seven arrested in Bedford County meth bust

Child, 4, tested positive for drugs

September 17, 2010|Web Staff

MONETA, Va — A drug bust that shocked even police.

Authorities in Bedford County say a suspect's four-year-old child tested positive for marijuana after the arrests. That child and four other kids are now in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Seven people were arrested Thursday in a drug investigation in Bedford and Bedford County. The suspects are Stacey Owens, Mandy Smith, Larry Holmes, Jeffrey Todd Lynch, Wendy Lynch, Cora Alley and Charles Strewbury.

Undercover officers say they bought methamphetamines from a home in the 1100 block of Jim's Place off Flint Hill Road in Moneta.

They searched that home and another one in the 1900 block of Woodside Avenue in Bedford.

Bedford Sheriff Michael Brown believes the suspects are part of a larger organization.

"We've got leads all over the state from these seven," says Sheriff Brown.

The investigation took three weeks. Sheriff Brown says they had to act quick because drugs were prevalent in the household.


"I don't think it would have been but a short period of time for maybe one of these kids actually got one of the methamphetamine," says Sheriff Brown, "Maybe not by design but accidentally picking it up."

Sheriff Brown says meth is becoming a problem in Bedford County and the surrounding area.
He says police have ramped up enforcement in light of this recent bust.

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