Youth sports league is safe in Pittsylvania County

Board of Supervisors & school board make a deal on rental fees.

October 07, 2010|Elizabeth Harrington | Reporter

CHATHAM, Va — A  youth sports league in Pittsylvania County is safe. The league was in jeopardy of shutting down because of a new rental fee.

On Thursday night, the school board struck a deal with the Board of Supervisors during a joint meeting in Chatham.

The school board first defended the fee calling it reasonable.

The fee boiled down to $5 an hour for the league to use a field and $8.33 an hour for a gymnasium. The league's total was about $61,000.  A sum league officials say they couldn't afford.

"I can't go back to the moms and dads and the grandmas and the grandpas. They're paying enough as it is," says George Henderson, the league's organizer, "Some of these moms and dads are paying a couple hundred dollars for their daughter to cheer, $70 for a football player, basketball player."

The county's school board and supervisors agreed on a $40,000 flat fee.


Parents and league volunteers in the audience were relieved by the news.

"I am really happy about it," says Steve Wilson, "I'm glad they come together and work together to help us in the league to support us and to save us money that and to save our parents money."

"I have four children that participate in Pittsylvania County cheerleading and football and basketball," says parent Shiela Elliott, "So I'm thrilled."

The deal is not official yet.  The Board of Supervisors will have to vote on the 40-grand at their next formal meeting.

About 700 kids play in the Pittsylvania County league.

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