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October 09, 2010
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Happy Monday!  Hope everybody got a chance to enjoy this GORGEOUS day (and weekend too for that matter!)

I made a little list of things I wanted to talk about, so let's get to it!

A father claims his autistic son was abused and beaten on a school bus, and says he has proof.

Last week, video was released from inside the bus.  It has the child, and what appears to be a bus aide and the bus driver striking the child.  This is part of an ongoing case, but bottom-line, the video is hard to watch.  In documents released from the school system, there's a paper trail from a case worker who goes back and forth with the school system on behalf of a parent.  What would have happened had that camera not been on the bus?  What would have happened if that parent had not continued to lobby for his child?  Long-short, trust your gut.  If something doesn't feel right or seem right, then don't let it go.  That's what happened in this case.   A dad felt something was wrong and wouldn't let it go.    

In other news, people have been talking about Bank of America.  The bank says it will start charging a $5 a month fee for customers to use their debt cards.  While this isn't set to start until the beginning of next year, it already has people squawking!  Ok, full-disclosure, I'm a Bank of America customer.  The bank makes A LOT of money off me.  I have 4-accounts with them.  BUT, I also burn my debit card up!!! I use my debit card so much that I would definitely get my 5-dollars worth from it.  BUT, as mentioned those four-accounts make them a far amount of money.  I'm really wishy-washy on this one.  It seems that in this time when everyone wants you to pay a little more, this is the norm- no biggie.  On the otherside of the coin, didn't these same institutions just get a MAJOR bailout from our country???  Netflix folded after the community started to raise a fuss. I'm wondering if nationwide outrage will have the bank rethinking its decision?  I'll keep you updated.

And- last, but not least, News7 has some special visitors this week.  Journalists from the country of Georgia are visiting. It's part of an exchange program.  Our very own Joe Dashiell visited earlier this year and now he's helping to play host.  Today, the group played a video from their country.  Once a part of communist Russia, Georgia and the station are independent, but it not always smooth sailing.  Government officials are still learning about transparency and accountability.  The station has been threatened -power turned off, government types demanding that stories be pulled.   The whole thing really made me realize how very lucky we are.  We take for granted our FREEDOMS.  The freedom of speech, to report and make leaders answer for their actions, and generally, just how good we have it.  So, here's to the USA.  It's not always a perfect system, but hey, it could always be worse.


Anywho, take care!!!

til next time - sjb


Hello bloggies!
It has been so long since I've written and frankly, I just needed a break.
Everytime I went to write something down, it just seemed so negative.
You know the old saying, if you don't have something nice to say (or in this case write) then don't say anything at all.
Well, after months of inactivity, I'm back.
Nothing especially pointed to say, but hey, that's never stopped me before, has it? :)

I'm having some new areas that I cover.
While I pretty much cover anything and everything (I am, after all, a General Assignment Reporter) I also cover Botetourt County, Craig County, Vinton, Salem and now Arts & Entertainment.  The localities aren't new, but the A&E beat is..
So, I'm asking for your help.  
If something's going on in your hometown, let me know! (even if it's not in the list above, I can get it to the right person!)

I hope your summer left you rested & happy, and as we move into fall, ready to buckle down.


Take Care!



Sorry no activity on the blog.
I've been crazy busy!

So, I like happy news, let's start there.

If you follow me on Facebook (susan bahorich wdbj) you already know the news, but my family welcomed its newest member on Monday, August 1st.  My brother and his wife had a little boy! :)  His name is Ryker Joseph.  Ryker's an original name, but Joseph is for my late father. The Bahorich name will live on! :)

Okay, there's the fluff.  Let's move onto heavier/weighty issues, the economy.

Congress came down to the wire this week, before coming to a compromise.  I put the issue out to FB followers to weigh in on.  No matter what side of the aisle you're on, one thing people seemed to agree on- the ridiculousness of cutting it so close.  Here's a little sampling of the comments.

"They are beyond help!"

"..they are money hungry"

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