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Cafeteria Cows: Do you know where your beef comes from?

Area school district contracts with local cattle farmer

October 12, 2010|Hollani Davis | Anchor/Reporter

Franklin Co. —
For Franklin County farmer Roger Sledd, it's a new way of earning a living.

 "It takes about 10 or 12 (cows) a month and we have to have them here (on the farm) at least 60 to 90 days," says Sledd.

A cattle farmer by trade, he has somewhat flipped the script.  Instead of using the majority of his cows for milk he's using them for meat.  And his client, The Franklin County Public School District, is all about the health benefits.

"There's about that long of things and names that you probably can't pronounce and things and additives to it that you don't get out of these animals and this product. It's just better for you," says Chuck Hutto, the Director of Food Services for Franklin County Public Schools.

"You can really tell a difference.  Especially the hamburger patties," says Sandra Durham, a Teacher at Callaway Elementary.


The school district purchases anywhere from 3 to 5 thousand pounds a month for things like nachos, hamburgers and spaghetti.

"I just hope that you know it's not a one-time thing like they do it this year and don't do it no more because of money or whatever they say it's more expensive if we do it this way," says Jamie Perdue.  His son is a student at Callaway Elementary School.

Since the project only began in August, Sledd is not sure yet what his profit will be. Though the biggest expensive so far seems to be the processing which is done in Hillsville. 

Decon Sledd who works alongside his dad is hopeful however quality will outweigh cost.

 "You use the best parts of the cuts your filet mignon and tender cuts (Reporter: so these kids are eating good?) real good yea," says Decon.

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