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Lynchburg College students trade spaces with a school neighbor for remodeling project

"Trading Spaces: LC Style" is a chance for students to improve their relationship with residents of the Hill City

October 23, 2010|Tim Saunders | Reporter/Lynchburg Bureau Chief

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Students at a local college are trading spaces with someone in their community.

Lynchburg College is giving a family near their school a home makeover.

In turn, that family is remodeling a house owned by the college.

It's called "Trading Spaces, L-C style." The project is inspired by a show that aired on the cable network TLC until 2008.

Each team gets two days and a budget of $1,000 to remodel a room in their traded home.

The event is organized by LC's Office of Residence Life.  It's a chance for the school to build a better relationship with its neighbors and teach students an important lesson.

"At Lynchburg College, we really try to encourage learning outside the classroom," says Justin Yates, LC's Assistant Director of Residence Life.  "This is one of those great teachable moments where we can get our students to learn about home ownership, budgeting, and how to spend their money appropriately."


LC is using donations from Target to complete its project.

The remodeled rooms will be unveiled Sunday.

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