Voter confusion in the 6th district

Some people mistakenly thought they could vote in the Hurt-Periello race.

November 02, 2010|Elizabeth Harrington | Reporter

BEDFORD CO., Va. — There was a bit of confusion at the polls Tuesday. Some people were surprised they couldn't vote in the 5th district race.

The 5th district has gotten a lot of attention. It was a hot race between Robert Hurt and Tom Periello.

That's why people wanted a chance to weigh in but some voters didn't realize they live in the 6th district not the 5th.

"My ex-husband, my mother in law, a lot of my family was actually angry when they went to vote because they thought they were voting for either Hurt or Periello and didn't realize they were in the wrong district," says Karen Mitchell.

Many called the registrar's office in Bedford County to complain.

"The answer is simply you have to vote in the precinct at which you are registered," says Registrar Barbara Gunter, "We've had people even ask can they go to a precinct in the 5th district and vote there and of course they cannot."

Bedford County is split between the 5th and 6th districts.

Voter turnout in Bedford County was high at nearly 50 percent.

There were a few snags on election day.

Four voting machines in Bedford County had to be shut down after showing error messages. The machines will be opened Wednesday by a technician. The machines hold 537 votes.

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