LU Rapper spreads message of God, education through rhyme

Humble TIP made an anthem and music video for Liberty University

November 05, 2010|Karen Kiley | Reporting
  • Humble TIP, front, in his music video about Liberty University.

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Reaching today's youth with any message sometimes takes an innovative approach. One student on Liberty University's campus is creating a buzz with his efforts.

"Oh my Gosh! My roommates love him. Like, they always play the music video over and over again, and from what I've heard pretty much everyone loves it," said Marilyn Black, a sophomore at Liberty University.

Liberty University, a private Christian school, might be the last place you'd expect a rap anthem and music video.

"I think it's fantastic. It's a lot of fun," said senior LU student Tobi Trowbridge.

"It's a pretty legit music video," said Luke Conger, an LU student who also made an appearance in the music video.

"I know a lot of people do like it and they are like, 'oh what? They are rapping and it's Christian rap?' That's hot!" said sophomore LU student Joshua Cole.

Christian Rap. It's rap music about character and following rules.


Jason Lewis, a masters student at Liberty University and rap artist Humble TIP, recently released the LU Anthem. It went viral, amassing more than 20,000 views in the first two weeks.

"They love the fact that Liberty University has an intelligent, very astute, very articulate rapper as a sort of spokes model for the school," said Lewis.

But at a conservative institution like Liberty, there are those resistant to the different style.

"A lot of older generation, they're like, 'we don't like the direction the school is moving," said Lewis of some of the feedback he has gotten from the song.

But Lewis sees his direction as the future. Rap, social media, it's all part of reaching today's youth on their terms.

"Times change. Now, the message never changes but the method does," explained Lewis.

A new kind of Christian and a new kind of rapper.

"I be like yo homie. Come and watch the Passion win...All black on me homie. No it's not a fashion trend," rapped Humble TIP.

Jason Lewis is breaking every stereotype and doing it with swag in a place no one expected.

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