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Liberty University hosts figure skating competition

School outbid other larger schools for the honor.

December 05, 2010|WDBJ Web Staff

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Students from all over the East Coast hit the ice Saturday for a figure skating competition in Lynchburg.

The skates are sharpened. The routines down pat.

Colleges and universities from up and down the coast came to Liberty for a Sectional competition, one of two before nationals.

This is the first year for Liberty to have a figure skating team, much less hold one of the biggest competitions of their season... doing so by outbidding other schools.

Liberty's figure skating director, Tatiana Gomez, told News 7 she never thought she'd see this happen. "For liberty to be such an unknown school but hold such a large competition, it really is exciting."


Not only is it the first time for Liberty, but the first for any school in Central Virginia.

Normally for powerhouse schools like Boston University and the University of Delaware, Liberty hopes follow suit.

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