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Liberty University sends up famous "Bed Intruder" song

Now the video has 500k views on YouTube

December 18, 2010|Chris Hurst | Reporter

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Combine the internet, a hit song, and Liberty University and what do you get? How about some national recognition for the school.

It all started with a car ride back to the university-- the now famous Bed Intruder Song, with 20 million views on YouTube, popped on the iPod and a group of students turned the song on its head.

"We were coming from Garden City, South Carolina," says Tiffany Carter, of Vision Ministries at Liberty University. "I can't just pick out one person who started it all. We were all just in the van and it just, I don't know, happened."

What happened is Liberty's Vision Ministries turned the auto-tuned parody song to more Gregorian chant. They performed it a week ago at the school's holiday talent show, put it up on YouTube and half a million hits later, they're in shock.

"We put it out there as an idea but it didn't start coming together until two weeks before auditions," says senior Krystle Blanchard.


Jerry Fawell Jr says network TV shows have asked about using the video.

You can find a link for video below

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