Civil War anniversary celebrated in Appomattox

A series of Civil War Conversations will take place this year

January 12, 2011|Karen Kiley | Reporter

APPOMATTOX — The War Between the States began 150 years ago. It ended four years later in Appomattox.

A new Confederacy Museum is in the works in Appomattox; it's just one way the anniversary of the Civil War is helping garner interest in the town.

"In this county alone, in Appomattox Co., 60% of the families had slaves," said Mike Brennan, a park ranger and historian at the Appomattox Court House National Historical Park.

Brennan was the first guest lecturer in a new monthly series about the Civil War, started to celebrate the war's 150th anniversary.

"It's a topic, the Civil War, that gets tremendous interest here in the United States and overseas," said Linda Lipscomb, future director of the Museum of the Confederacy in Appomattox.


Meghan Coviello brought her three kids to the "Civil War Conversation."

"We're very into history as a family. And they knew when we were covering this in school that this was a very hot button topic then and now," said Coviello, who home-schools her children.

Holding the Civil War Conversations in a local book store/cafe also helps spur the local economy. Museum officials say they want to use interest in the anniversary as an economic boost in Appomattox.

Construction on the Museum of the Confederacy should begin this month. Local contractors have been hired to do the work.

Despite not having a building yet, more anniversary events are in the works.

"We're looking forward to doing more and more along the way just to keep people interested. It's a big interesting time to have these dialogues and things going on," said Lipscomb.

The Museum of the Confederacy should be completed by Spring 2012.

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