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Tennis facility added to Liberty University's growing properties

A Board of Trustees member donated the club to the university

February 09, 2011

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Liberty University continues to expand in the Hill City.

The Sports Racket was recently donated to the University by its owner Sherwin Cook, a LU board of trustees member.

The tennis facility sits on 18 acres of land, with indoor and outdoor courts, plus racquetball and a gym.

Liberty officials say the facility will still remain a club for members, but will now include students too. 

"Students are always looking for stuff to do, not just in the dorm rooms. This facility allows them to come out and enjoy tennis and racquetball and it just gives them a chance to get off campus and enjoy the great city of Lynchburg," said Bryan Evans with Liberty University.

The facility will be used for intramurals and tournaments, Evans added.

LU officials plan to update the facility, construction plans are currently underway.

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