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Roanoke Co.'s new $12 million library half way completed

The facility is expected to open November

March 23, 2011|Justin McLeod | Reporter
Justin McLeod

ROANOKE CO, Va. — Roanoke County's new library headquarters is more than half way completed.  It's being built on Merriman Road, near Penn Forest Elementary.

The new facility will feature a fireplace, an auditorium, meeting rooms, drive through book pick-up windows, after-hours book lockers, a teen center, children's area, outdoor plaza with seating, as well as a coffee shop.  The county is negotiating with Mill Mountain Coffee.

The 54,000 square foot facility will triple in size of the current library headquarters on Route 419.  The project is costing $12,000,000.  The project is two years behind schedule.  Original bids came in over budget.  The project then had to be slightly downsized.

Construction on the new facility is scheduled to be finished by October.  A grand opening is being planned for November. 

Hiking trails will eventually be built in the wetlands located on the site of the new library.  It's unclear at this point when they will be ready.


Workers at the current library headquarters on Route 419 are already getting ready for the big move.  They've already catalogued 8,000 books.  They will eventually have to pack up and move 120,000 books and DVD's.  The library also plans to buy 15,000 new books.  The number of computers available to the public will increase from 26 to 94. 

County leaders haven't decided yet whether the new library headquarters in South Roanoke County will be open on Sunday.  The current headquarters is closed on Sundays. 

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