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UPDATED: Police believe Elliston woman found on Rt. 460 died after being hit by a car

Family of Tara Farley hopes someone will step forward with more information

May 13, 2011|Joe Dashiell | Reporter

ROANOKE Co. — Roanoke County Police believe an Elliston woman who died Thursday night was struck by a motor vehicle. Tara Farley's relatives say they are now searching for answers, and hoping someone will step forward with more information.
Sean Farley is Tara Farley's Brother. "I just need answers. I just want to know why what happened," Farley told News 7 in an interview. "She was too good of a person."

Tara Farley's Sister, Shannon Thompson agreed. "I just kind of want some answers, some closure," Thompson said. "And I want people to come forward and give us information something to help us."
Family members say Tara Farley was studying at Bluefield State with the goal of becoming an engineer, but she moved to Elliston after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.    Concern for others, family members say, was a characteristic that defined her life.
Breanna O'Dell is Tara Farley's daughter. "She was like my mom, my sister, my best friend. I could go to her for anything. She was always there to comfort me. I just wish she could still be here," O'Dell told News 7.
Farley was found on West Main Street near West River Road. Police want to talk with anyone who was driving in that area between 8 and 10:30 Thursday night - who thinks they might have seen something.


Farley was wearing dark clothing, and visibility was poor at the time.
Tara Farley's mother says she can accept that it might have been an accident, but she says the family just wants to know what happened.


Roanoke County police now say that it appears an Elliston woman was hit by a car.  The official medical examiner's report is not complete but authorities say 31-year-old Tara Farley's injuries were consistent with being hit by a vehicle.

Police found Farley in the eastbound lane of Rt. 460 about one hundred yards west of West River Road in Glenvar.  Farley had severe injures and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Investigators are trying to piece together where Farley was and what she was doing before she died.  Police don't know who struck her.  They say the woman was a petite blond wearing dark clothing when she was found.

Roanoke County police are asking people traveling in the area between 8pm and 10:30pm Thursday night to contact them if they saw anything unusual.   Police also ask that anyone who may have thought they struck something on the road such as debris or animal contact them.  Based on information from the weather service, investigators say they are aware that it was foggy and visibility was poor in the location the body was found.


Roanoke County Police are investigating after finding a woman badly hurt in the middle of West Main Street.

She was found just outside of Salem near the Glenvar area.

Officers say they found the woman in the road with severe injuries around 10:30 Thursday night.

They say her name in Tara Farley from Elliston.

It's not clear how she was hurt or why she was in the road.

She died later at the hospital.

Roanoke County Police are looking for anyone with information about the case.

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