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Lynchburg youth offer free labor to show neighbors they care

All around Lynchburg Friday, kids are taking part in the "Youth Day of Caring"

June 24, 2011|Tim Saunders | Reporter/Lynchburg Bureau Chief
Tim Saunders

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Lynchburg kids are giving back, and learning an important lesson.

All around the city Friday, youngsters are taking part in the "Youth Day of Caring."

It's an effort that teaches hard work and the value of doing something positive.

Members of the Lynchburg Boys and Club cleaned vehicles for free in front of their building on Madison Street.

"With a lot of the kids, they weren't necessarily interested in doing a car wash at the beginning," said Aaron Smith with the Boys and Girls Club.  "But they all came out when they saw the other kids having fun.  It's about working together and getting something accomplished."

"Youth Day of Caring" is sponsored by the United Way.

Other outreach projects Friday included a roadside cleanup on Route 501, and entertaining the elderly at an adult day care center.

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