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Liberty University begins work on Wards Road pedestrian bridge and tunnel

A pedestrian tunnel will link LU's campus with Lynchburg businesses and a new pedestrian walkway that will cross Wards Road

July 05, 2011|Tim Saunders | Reporter/Lynchburg Bureau Chief
Liberty University

LYNCHBURG, Va. — Getting across a busy part of Lynchburg is about to get a little easier.

Liberty University will soon start construction on a new pedestrian tunnel, similar to this one that crosses under Route 460.

It will cross underneath a set of railroad tracks, connecting students on LU's campus with stores and restaurants on Wards Road.

LU signed an agreement with Norfolk Southern this morning that allows the tunnel to be built.

The new path will eliminate a dangerous crossing.  For years, students have had to walk across the railroad tracks to access Wards Road.

"For years we've watched kids crawl over trains, under trains and we've tried to stop them every way that we can," said LU Director of Planning & Construction, Charles Spence.  "Safety is just going to go through the roof and we're very excited about what it does for kids."

LU is also starting work on a new pedestrian bridge that will cross over Wards Road.  Work on both projects is scheduled to be finished later this year.

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