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Sales tax holiday this weekend in Virginia

People won't be taxed on most school supplies and clothes.

August 05, 2011|Elizabeth Harrington | Reporter

ROANOKE, Va — This weekend everyone in Virginia gets a break on sales tax. You won't have to pay the 5% sales tax on most school supplies and clothes.

People were already lined up at Target in Roanoke before the doors opened Friday morning. The school supplies section was swamped all day.

"It has been pretty crowded the whole day not too bad where you can't shop it but it's been crowded," says manager Kelsey Pope.

Parents checked off school lists as their children tossed items into the cart. The most popular items were binders and bookbags.

Supplies will be tax-free as long as each one cost $20 or less. Most clothing items and shoes will also be exempt from sales tax if its priced at $100 or less.

Moms and dads say the tax free weekend may only save them 10, 15 dollars but it's still worth it.

"We usually spend about a hundred, 150 dollars on all three," says Kim Gregory who went shopping with her three sons.

"We kind of held off on some of school shopping, some of the bigger items until this weekend," says Sam Styers.

Along with the tax free weekend, many stores like Target are having sales which helps people save even more money. Virginians will save about $4 million in sales tax this weekend.

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