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After finding success in a Journey tribute band, a Roanoke musician is singing his own tune

Jeremey Frederick launched a Kickstarter campaign to finance his new CD

October 12, 2011|Joe Dashiell | Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. — He's built a successful career as the frontman for a tribute band.  Now Jeremey Hunsicker is working on his own music. And he's hoping supporters in western Virginia will help him reach a new audience.
Jeremey Frederick onstage, he's the lead singer of the Journey tribute band Frontiers. "I've been doing Frontiers for nine years now," Hunsicker told News7 in an interview. "I've been doing it full time for the past four years."

He almost joined Journey four years ago, but with his wife Sabrina and sons Theron and Quinn, he's happy with his life in Roanoke, and looking forward to a new record of his own.

"As a tribute band singer is it frustrating sometimes not to get what I do out there," Frederick asked. "The answer is yes, because you know being in Frontiers has been a small portion of what I do."
Hunsicker recently turned to, a website that helps raise money for creative projects, and he's halfway to his goal.
He's hoping friends and supporters will put him over the top, and allow him to produce his own CD.

"I'm an entertainer. I like to sing and make people happy," Hunsicker told us, "but I'm also a musician and a creative person and that's something that you just can't not do."

Click here for a link to Hunsicker's project.

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