Claytor Lake water level lowered this week

Residents can use the lowered water levels for maintenance on docks

November 09, 2011

CLAYTOR LAKE; Va — The water in Claytor Lake is getting lower, temporarily.

Appalachian Power is lowering the water level at the Claytor Lake hydroelectric facility, to allow for shoreline maintenance.

The drawdown started Wednesday and the water will go down by a foot every day through Saturday.

Appalachian Power is also encouraging homeowners along the lake to use the lowered water level for maintenance on docks and shorelines.


Full Press Release:


ROANOKE, Va., Oct.18, 2011 - Appalachian Power, a unit of American Electric Power (AEP), has announced that the water level of its Claytor Lake hydroelectric facility in Pulaski County will be lowered three feet below full pond for nine days beginning early next month to allow shoreline maintenance.

In collaboration with Friends of Claytor Lake (FOCL), Pulaski County and various state agencies, Appalachian will conduct the drawdown of the reservoir to allow area residents and volunteers an opportunity for dock and shoreline stabilization construction or maintenance.


The drawdown will begin November 9, 2011. The lake elevation will be lowered one foot per day to 1843 feet by 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 12. Appalachian will begin refilling to full-pond level of 1846 feet on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at 5 pm. During the drawdown, the reservoir may fluctuate between 1842 and 1843 feet.

The speed of refilling will be affected by water inflow conditions.

Appalachian Power and FOCL encourage residents, homeowners associations and others to organize cleanup activities during this drawdown period. A permit from Appalachian is required to install new shoreline stabilization structures. Property owners should contact Appalachians Wayne Alexander ( or Teresa Rogers ( for a permit application or for answers to whether a permit will be needed. Dock expansions or modifications may require a permit from Pulaski County.

It will be important to monitor how the drawdown is being utilized by lake residents. FOCL should be contacted at to provide a description of the work completed during the drawdown or residents should return the postcard FOCL provided in its last newsletter. If mussels are encountered along the shoreline during the drawdown, residents or workers should gently pick them up and place them in the water along the waters edge. These efforts should also be reported to FOCL.

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