9,700 Sugar Bowl tickets sold by Virginia Tech

VT has 17,500 tickets it needs to sell for the bowl game

December 13, 2011|Elizabeth Harrington | Reporter

BLACKSBURG, Va. — Kick-off to the Sugar Bowl is three weeks away. Virginia Tech has sold 9,700 tickets so far, but they have plenty left.

Virginia Tech says it's hard to tell how many the school will sell. It has 17,500 tickets and will have to pick up most of the tab for the unsold tickets.

"I don't have any idea to be honest with you," says Assistant Athletics Director Sandy Smith, "It just depends on what our fans do and whether they go to a secondary market or go directly to us."

But 10 lucky people don't have to pay a penny for their tickets.

They won two free tickets from the Sugar Bowl's sponsor Allstate on Tuesday afternoon. The company held a raffle outside the Tech Bookstore in Blacksburg. Dozens of students signed up.

"This is my final year and I had a personal goal of trying to go to every away game and this would cap the final away game for the football team," says VT student Walter Valencia.

Sean Gorman won two tickets. He plans to invite his dad to the Sugar Bowl.

"This is probably the best thing I've ever won in my life actually," says Gorman, "I don't really win a lot of things maybe like a free t-shirt at a football or basketball game. Free tickets to the Sugar Bowl is pretty wild."


Virginia Tech plays Michigan in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans on January 3.

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