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Damage reported in North Carolina after possible tornadoes

Dozens of homes were damaged and several people injured

January 11, 2012|Meteorologist Brent Watts
  • Photo from Twitter: @DuncanRicky
Photo from Twitter: @DuncanRicky

Dozens of homes were damaged and several injuries reported when possible tornadoes touched down in northwestern North Carolina Wednesday night.

10 injuries were reported in Rutherford County. Two of those seriously hurt. The storms moved through Rutherford or Burke counties around 6:00PM with damaging wind gusts, large hail and torrential downpours. Several of those in the path managaged to capture the tornado on camera (Photo left)

20-25 mobile homes were destroyed with dozens of structures with major damage.

The National Weather Service has not confirmed the damage was caused by a tornado. However, storm survey teams will head to the area Thursday to review the damage.

If a tornado is confirmed, this would be the first time a tornado has ever hit Rutherford or Burke counties in recorded history.

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