Two hotels and a restaurant could soon be built near Valley View Mall

A proposal has been submitted for the former Huff Lane Elementary site

January 12, 2012|Justin McLeod | Reporter

It's been nearly two years since Huff Lane Elementary closed in Roanoke.  It is located near Valley View Mall.

A developer from Williamsburg, HMP Properties, has submitted a proposal to build two hotels and a restaurant on the 5 acres.

Neighbor Donna Murdock told News 7, "I don't think it would be an eyesore because I think whoever would be under strict requirements to make sure it wasn't an eyesore."

Other neighbors say they want more information before deciding whether they approve of the project.

City leaders point out no agreements have been signed, this is in the early stages.

The property is valued at more than a $1,000,000.  Proceeds from the sale will go back to the school system to pay for renovations to Round Hill Elementary.

Residents have concerns about increased traffic in the neighborhood.  The City of Roanoke points out there will be no vehicle access from Huff Lane.  Visitors would have to enter and leave the property from Valley View Boulevard.

Residents also fear the future of Huff Lane Park.

City leaders say the playground and the basketball park will have to be moved but the ballfields will be staying put.  They won't be touched.

"I'm glad to hear the park is staying and the ballparks because we take the dogs over there walking and watching the ballgames," said Jean Rhinehart.

There will be at least two public hearings in the future for residents to offer up their opinions.  The first hearing could be in late February, early March.

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