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Halifax town council debate fate of police department

January 20, 2012|Justin Ward | Reporter

HALIFAX CO., Va. — Small town police departments are a dying breed. As budgets become tighter, one hometown's three person force is trying to stay open.

Halifax town council is considering restructuring its police force to better serve the town.

The department once had five members but two left last year for higher positions in the county.

But with the Halifax County Sheriff's office around the corner, and state police offices a few blocks away the town officer's duties are limited.

The town's mayor says the board will determine if the three full time officers will become part time with separate shift schedules.

But one member told News7 he would vote to dissolve the department, but could be convinced otherwise. In part because of a tight budget. One third of the approximately $900,000 budget is set aside for the police force


"I think our police department is somewhat redundant at this point. They help old ladies and if somebody falls and that sort of thing. But we've got a stoplight so you don't have to direct traffic anymore," said councilman Jack Dunavant.

Town council will make a final decision next month.

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