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Danville considers closing schools

February 03, 2012|Justin Ward | Reporter

DANVILLE, Va. — Danville City schools will have $5.2 million less to use next school year. Now school board members are considering closing more than one school.

There are 19 schools in Danville, five are specialty schools.

Board members haven't decided which ones will close, but announced last night that the decision will be made in the coming months.

If schools are closed, board members estimate saving up nearly $2.5 million.

Although it's potentially saving money, some people believe it's a bad idea.

"What's the point of having schools if you are going to close them. We need the schools," said Gloria While.

"Economically it could be pretty good, a cut back on spending for Danville Public Schools, but on the other hand it could cause overcrowding," said recent graduate Cierra Dodson.


The board is also considering cutting programs and modifying employee's health insurance.

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