Tapes reveal new details of double murder in North Carolina


A 19-year-old girl woke to find a man in her room. Her parents heard her scream and were shot when they came to help.

February 04, 2012|Bethany Tucker | WDBJ7 Associate Producer

UPDATE, Sunday 4:41p.m.:

    Your Hometown News Leader is learning more about a deadly home invasion just across the state line in North Carolina.

    Early Saturday morning, authorities in Reidsville, North Carolina say a man and woman were shot and killed inside their home during a home invasion. They are identified as Douglas and Ladonna French, husband and wife. Their 19-year-old daughter, Whitley, was injured in the incident.

    We're learning the young woman told 911 dispatchers she woke up to an attack by a masked man in her bedroom. She screamed, and her parents came to help. Whitley told officers that's when the man shot and killed her parents, then took off.


    Whitley French was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, and has since been released.   She has a brother, who was out of town at the time of the home invasion.

"It's hard on a family to have to go through something like that. It's bad when somebody dies natural causes but when their life is taken because of someone evil like that it's sad and it bothers you," said Teresa Anders, a neighbor of the French's.

    Rockingham County Sheriff's deputies say they have increased patrols in hopes of catching the killer.


Authorities in North Carolina are working to find the suspect of a double murder that happened in just across the state line in Reidsville early Saturday morning.

    The Rockingham County Sheriff's Office says deputies were called to a home just after 2:00am, where they found the bodies of a man and woman. They say the two appeared to have died from gunshot wounds. A third resident of the home was taken to the hospital with lacerations.

    Authorities have identified the deceased as Douglas and Ladonna French. They were husband and wife. It was their daughter, 19-year-old Whitley French, who was injured.

    Detectives say a man wearing dark clothing was seen fleeing the home on Pinewood Road, right after the incident.

    Anyone with information is asked to call Rockingham County authorities.

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