UPDATED: Driver identified in Goodview store crash that killed two

Investigators are looking at whether or not speed was a factor.

February 15, 2012|Tim Saunders/Bethany Tucker | WDBJ7
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GOODVIEW, Va. — The driver of the vehicle that crashed into a Goodview store has been identified.

Andrew William Heck Jr., 44, of Goodview was killed in the accident.

The second victim hasn't been identified.


WDBJ7 is learning new information about a deadly crash in Bedford County.

State police are telling us a second person has died, following a fiery accident in Goodview Tuesday night.

It's business as usual at the grocery Goodview Grocery on Wednesday afternoon, but  a dark reminder of the accident is visible.

State police say a 1986 Chevy pickup truck crashed into the front porch of the store and caught fire.

We're told the accident could have burned the store down, if it hadn't been for the fast actions of local firefighters.

Crews from Moneta and Stewartsville were here within 20 minutes and had the fire out quickly.

Unfortunately, the two men inside the truck didn't survive.

One was burned so badly, police say it will take medical and dental records to identify him.

Neither of the victims names are being released right now.

There's a "T" intersection right in front of the grocery store.

Police believe the driver of the truck was coming down a hill to the intersection, hit a set of railroad tracks, and went airborne into the building.

Investigators don't know for sure, but they believe speed could have played a role in the accident.

Friends here at the scene tell WDBJ7 both of the men killed were from Goodview.



WDBJ7 has learned that a second person in a pickup truck that crashed into a Goodview store has died.

Virginia State Police are not releasing their names yet.

Investigators did say that one of the men was so badly burned he'll have to be identified through dental records.

Investigators are looking at whether or not speed was a factor.


A man is dead after a pickup truck crashed into a store in Goodview Tuesday night.

State Police tell WDBJ7 the truck crashed into Goodview Grocery around 8:30p.m. and caught fire. That's on Goodview Road.

Two men were inside the truck. We don't know if it was the driver or the passenger who was killed.

The other person was flown to Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

We'll bring you more information when we get it.


Bedford County emergency crews are responding to report of a vehicle that crashed into a building in the Goodview area of the county.

The report came in at about 8:45pm Monday.

Bedford County authorities tell WDBJ7 they received a report that the vehicle crashed into Goodview Grocery, which is located in the 7700 block of Goodview Road. At first, it was reported that the building was on fire following the crash, but authorities tell us that is not the case.

Crews say one person was injured in the crash, but the extent of injuries is not known at this point.

Fire personnel and sheriff's deputies are still arriving on scene at this point.

Stick with for more information on this developing story.

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