UPDATE: Clinic to treat heroin addiction could locate in Pulaski County

Pulaski Town leaders are working to keep the treatment center out

February 22, 2012|Karen Kiley | Reporter

PULASKI; Va. — Update:  Town Council submitted letter to the state on Friday.  The full letter is attached.


A new clinic to treat heroin addiction could be coming to Pulaski, but it's not exactly a welcomed new business. 

Town Council is in the process of writing a letter expressing their concerns to the state about having what's commonly referred to a "methadone" clinic in the town of Pulaski.

The town received a letter from the State Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services in December, letting them know that someone had applied for a license to run an Opioid Treatment Service in Pulaski.

A typical Opioid Treatment Center helps people with an addiction to heroin or opiates. One of the most common treatments is prescribing someone methadone.


That center, if approved, would be in a shopping center along Main Street. It meets all zoning requirements, for example, the treatment center would be located at least half a mile away from any school or day care center.

However, Town Council met in closed session Tuesday night. The result, was a unanimous decision to write a letter to the state licensing agency expressing the possible negative impacts such a business could have on the town.

"I think everyone would automatically say, 'No, this is not what we want,'" said Town Manager John Hawley. "But we're trying to come up with a document that has some facts, some valid reason it shouldn't be here."

Pulaski plans to send that letter out on Friday. There is still a fairly lengthy permitting processes ahead, so there is no time-line for when, if approved, that treatment center might open.

Galax and Roanoke City both have similar treatment centers.

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