Roanoke woman finds diamond ring, returns it to the owner

HSN worker feels honesty is always the best policy

March 07, 2012|Hollani Davis | Anchor/Reporter

Roanoke, Va. —
If you don't know where the Home Shopping Network Center in Roanoke County is, you could miss it.  Just like Carolyn Fields could've missed what didn't belong in a box.

"It was inside just laying in there," says Fields.

"It's easy for people to do the dishonest thing but we have people that will take time out to research our customers," says Todd Smith with HSN's Human Resources Department.

Late last year, a customer returned several pieces of jewelry to HSN.  What that customer didn't know is that her wedding ring ended up in the box.  It was Fields who realized it wasn't one of the company's.  What she did next got the CEO's attention hundreds of miles away in St Petersburg, Florida.

"I never thought about it, I mean I never thought about it in those terms. I just thought of it being somebody else's property, that they made a mistake and sent it here by mistake," says Fields.

After 25 years of working at HSN she has come across a lot of things people didn't mean to return like an old payroll check and a home telephone.  This time her honesty got her a free trip to Florida, where her boss had a gift waiting

"We thought it was only fitting that if you return a diamond you get something with diamonds in it," says Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN.

A diamond pendant.  Fields says that wasn't expected. Next time an item that doesn't belong circles her way, she says she'll go out of her way to track down the owner whether it's expected or not.

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