Hillsville man gets a new face

Richard Lee Norris had the most extensive face transplant ever done.

March 27, 2012|Jean Jadhon | WDBJ7 Anchor/Health Reporter

BALTIMORE, Md. — A gun accident left a Hillsville man's face sseverely disfigured.

But now, Richard Lee Norris has a brand new face after the most extensive face transplant ever done.

He's recovering now at the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

This is Norris at his high school prom in the nineties.

But when he was in his early twenties a gun accident left him with his face terribly disfigured.

Now, fifteen years later, Norris has a new face after a 36 hour face transplant operation at the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center.

More than 150 doctors, nurses and staff took part in Norris' care.

"The team used innovative surgical practices as well as computerized techniques to to precisely and I would say amazingly transplant the entire face," said Dr. E. Albert Reece, of the University of Maryland Medical Affairs.

The surgery involved giving him a new face, including upper and lower jawbones, teeth, a portion of his tongue and tissue from his hairline all the way to his neck.


The lead surgeon says Norris is doing well. He shaved Tuesday and is feeling good. He will stay in Baltimore for three months before heading back home to Hillsville.

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