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UPDATED: Murder victim had an emergency protective order against Goodview man

Court records from Bedford County show the order was issued in January.

April 11, 2012|WDBJ7 Web Staff

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. — On Wednesday, Charles Glover was officially charged with murder by the Bedford County Sheriff's Office.

Four warrants were served to Glover on Wednesday morning. Glover is currently at the Roanoke County jail in Salem.

Glover is accused of killing one man and then breaking into another home in Vinton on Tuesday afternoon.

A spokesperson with the Bedford County Sheriff's Office tells WDBJ7 the murder suspect and victim were friends.

But that friendship soured. It was so bad the victim, Reginald Bowles, went to court and got an emergency protective order against Glover in January.

The trouble began Tuesday afternoon at Bowles' home.

According to the Sheriff's Office someone reported a fire at the home on Jeters Chapel Road. The caller also said there was a man lying on the ground next to a garage.  That man was Reginald Bowles.

He was taken to Roanoke Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Bowles was 49. Authorities say Bowles had been shot and they say Charles Glover pulled the trigger. 

But authorities say Glover wasn't finished. 


He then went to a house on Washington Avenue in Vinton.  The Vinton Police Chief says Glover broke into the home.  A woman inside called 911 and said Glover was shooting at her daughter who is believed to be Glover's wife.

Police say no shots were fired but Glover was armed with a gun and arrested.

Vinton Police say the woman inside the house had a protective order against Glover. In addition to murder, Glover is charged with violating that protective order among other charges.

Vinton Police have not released the woman's name.


A Goodview man is in Roanoke County Jail tonight after authorities say he shot and killed a man in Bedford County, and then went to his ex-wife's home in Vinton.

Bedford County Sheriff's Department says at about 2:00pm Tuesday, dispatchers received a report of a structure fire in the 8500 block of Jeters Chapel Road. The caller also told dispatchers there was an unconscious man lying on the ground next to the home.

Deputies responded to the scene, and found 49-year-old Reginald Bowles shot. Bowles was taken to Roanoke Memorial Hospital, where he died.

Then, at about 2:15pm, Vinton Police officers say they were called to the 900 block of Washington Avenue. A woman told police a man had broken into her home and begun shooting. Officers responded and took 44-year-old Charles Glover into custody. No shots were actually fired, police say. Friends of the suspect tell Your Hometown News Leader the home he broke into in Vinton was his ex-wife's.

Vinton Police have charged Glover with breaking and entering, violating a protective order and other weapons-related charges. Bedford County Sheriff's Department says first-degree murder and arson charges are also pending against Glover.

Glover is being held at the Roanoke County Jail in Salem without bond.

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