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Local Food Pantry Needs Volunteers And Cash

Pantry workers are looking for your help

April 23, 2012|Bryce Williams | Reporter

ROANOKE, Va. — Times are tough for a lot of people around the nation and right here at home.

A Roanoke food pantry is also feeling the pinch.

Christian Soldiers Food Pantry where they are in need of more volunteers and cash.

Rayma Mills started the day Monday with a prayer before food was handed out. “"The food that you've provided will nourish the bodies of the families and people that are in this line. Thank you lord for our volunteers they work tirelessly," she prayed.

Demand has surged since the recession hit. Instead of serving 50 people an hour they now assist more than twice that many.  People like LaCheryl Jackson appreciate the pantry.

“I'm not in the position right now to get employment. I've been looking for a job putting in applications everywhere and they won't allow me because of my felony charges back in 1998 mind you,” she said.


Then there is Billy May, who was laid off from his job. “Because there is a lot of struggling in this world and it's really sad because you see a lot of down people who don't have money because like I said there's no jobs for a lot of people,” he said.

Many of the people who come to this pantry don't qualify for public assistance so this is facility is a lifeline.

                                                                                                                                                                                         “They don't get government assistance and they don't get social security but a lot of older people single moms who make a dollar too much to get food stamps they can come in here because we're not an income based pantry,” said Rayma Miller,

 With more volunteer hands organizers say they can continue to be that lifeline.

  The food bank works in partnership with Feeding America.   

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