Roanoke County schools each have unique traditions for their graduation ceremonies

At Glenvar High, bagpipers play.

June 08, 2012|Justin McLeod | WDBJ7 Reporter
  • Pictures from Hidden Valley High School's graduation Friday at the Salem Civic Center.
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ROANOKE CO., Va. — Hundreds of diplomas were being handed out at the Salem Civic Center.

Five Roanoke County schools held their graduations Friday; four of them were at the Salem Civic Center.

As we found out Roanoke County, has five distinctive graduations.

A job well done as more than 11-hundred high school seniors graduate from Roanoke County.

It's a day that's both joyous and sometimes sad.

"When they played the video at the end I was kinda like awww and then the sad songs I was like now," said Caitlin Reagan, a Cave Spring High School Graduate. "I kinda teared up a little bit."

Roanoke County has five high schools and each one has traditions that make graduation uniquely their own.

Whereas most hold ceremonies inside the Salem Civic Center, Glenvar High School has theirs outside in its football stadium.

And since they are the Highlanders, bagpipes play during the processional.

"They're a little cheesy but I mean they're different.  No other school plays the bagpipes," said Zahia Almajaoi, a new Glenvar High School graduate.

Said Tyler Haynie, a Glenvar High School Graduate: "They're pretty cool but they get kinda annoying every once in a while.  I'm not going to lie."

At Cave Spring High School's graduation, when a student picks up their diploma, a projector shows the graduate's picture and lists what they're doing next.

"It was really special.  I was glad that our pictures were up there," said Jessica Wells, a Cave Spring High School graduate.

"It made me feel good about myself because I accomplished a lot over the four years," Anthony Simmons, Cave Spring High School graduate.

For Hidden Valley High School, the Titan 12 plays a big part during the ceremonies. It's a group of students who are chosen to be ambassadors to represent the school.

"I think it makes us pretty special and I think we stand out," Cheyenne Drewery, a Hidden Valley High School graduate.

Said Jimmy Howe, a Hidden Valley High School graduate: "We're a new school so we're trying to build on new traditions and maybe make new paths for traditions in the future."

Northside High School has the ring of professors. At the end of graduation, the teachers line up and personally congratulate each of the graduates.

Administrators hope these traditions will stay with all them for years to come.

As for William Byrd High School, nothing special there.

The principal says they like to do things the old fashioned way because Byrd is one of the oldest continuous high schools in the Roanoke Valley.

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