Neo-Nazi Bill White sends a strange letter to the U.S. District Court in Roanoke

A letter from Bill White was received by the Clerk's office in US District court on Friday

June 25, 2012|Web staff

ROANOKE, Va. — Apparently Roanoke neo-Nazi Bill White thinks he can read Egyptian hieroglyphics.

He says so in a letter sent to the Federal Building in Roanoke last week. He also said that while he was in prison on threat charges he was given drugs that changed him. It was received by the Clerk's office in U.S. District court on Friday.

He says he often would exist in multiple worlds simultaneously a difficult and disorienting experience.

That he "began communicating with beings that opened certain paths to [him] and allowed [him] to expolore certain hidden and obscured aspects of the human experience."

That led him to understand Egyptian hieroglyphics and he says he doesn't consider these images to be hallucinations.

It is apparent that White now claims to live in multiple layers of reality.

He says the United States has no real existence and that he broke free on May 4th of this year.


That's right around the time his probation officer couldn't find White, who was later captured in Mexico and is federal custody in Miami.

Monday, the court granted his move from Florida back to Roanoke.

White is well-known in the Roanoke Valley and was convicted of making threats online and served prison time.

He was out on parole waiting resentencing on some charges before he left the country last month.

In the letter he goes on to say "there is no white supremacist William A White... I cannot be William White because William White does not exist."

He later says the court and the proceedings aren't real, which could bring his mental competency into question.

Once White is back in Roanoke, there are no hearings scheduled yet for his resentencing and possible parole violation charges.

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