Two people killed in Big Island as a result of Friday's storm

June 30, 2012|WDBJ7 Web Staff/Tim Saunders

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. — While most of us are cleaning up damage from Friday night's storm, one family in Bedford County is mourning the loss of loved ones.

The fire killed William and Edith Benton.

The couple was in their 90's.

Friends say a tree brought down a power line next to their home.

When the electricity came back on, the power line apparently sparked a fire that quickly spread to the house.

"We talk about tragedies, and this is, but they were an amazing couple with an amazing faith, and they were together to the very end," said Bryon LePere, the Benton's Pastor.


A family member has identified the two people killed in a home in Bedford County on Friday night.

They have been identified as William and Edith Benton. Their son tells WDBJ7 that the couple was in its late 90s.

The son says Friday night's storm brought down power lines near the home. When the power came back on, it caused the power lines to flicker and started the fire.

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