Appalachian Power reports all customers in Virginia have power now

Nearly 700 are still without power in Amherst County.

July 11, 2012|Web Staff

Appalachian Power is reporting that all of its customers who lost electricity following the June 29 storms now have power.

As of 7:30 p.m. Tuesday night, 11,700 in West Virginia were still without power.


As of 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, 1,585 Appalachian Power customers were still without power.

That includes 625 customers in Amherst County.


Less than 2,000 Appalachian Power customers are still without electricity, as of 8:40 a.m. Tuesday.

There are still about 700 customers without power in Amherst County, and about 500 without electricity in Grayson County.

According to Appalachian Power, the cities of Lynchburg and Roanoke have had power fully restored.



 As of 1 p.m. Monday, 4,753 Appalachian Power customers were still without electricity.

That's down by about 2,600 customers from Monday morning.

That number includes 1,934 customers in Amherst County who are still without power.

Dominion Virginia Power is reporting about 5,000 customers still without power across the commonwealth.


As of 8:45 a.m. Monday, 7,344 Appalachian Power customers are still without power.

That includes about 2,100 customers each in Amherst and Bedford Counties.

The number of customers without electricity in the cities of Lynchburg and Roanoke are below 500.

According to Dominion Virginia Power, about 7,900 of their customers are without power. Most of those (about 4,000) without electricity are in Northern Virginia.


More than 70,000 people are still without power in Virginia, Governor McDonnell said Friday.

The power outages are a result of strong "derecho" storms that rolled through the area June 29 with little warning.

As of 1:30 p.m. Friday, 61,377 Appalachian Power customers were without power. Additionally, more than 5,000 Dominion Virginia Power customers don't have their power back yet.

“It has been a trying time, and I am grateful for the progress that has been made and the patience our citizens have shown. We will continue our around-the-clock efforts until power has been restored to every household," Governor McDonnell wrote in a news release. "In the meantime, I ask that every citizen be extremely careful in these high temperatures and seek cool places away from the intense heat.”

Here are the most recent restoration timelines from Appalachian Power:
Friday night, July 6 - Buchanan, Carroll, Dickenson, Giles, Grayson, Montgomery, Pulaski, Smyth, Tazewell, Washington and Wythe counties. Outages in Buchanan and Dickenson counties are due to July 5 storms.

Saturday night, July 7 - Albermarle, Amherst, Bedford, Botetourt, Campbell, City of Lynchburg, Franklin, Nelson, Patrick, and Roanoke counties and City of Roanoke


 As of 8:25 a.m. Friday morning, 65,420 Appalachian Power customers were without power.

That includes nearly 10,000 customers in Lynchburg.

Appalachian Power says there are still about 128,000 customers without power in West Virginia. That includes Kanawha County, where more than 40,000 customers are still in the dark.

Dominion Virginia Power reports more than 6,000 outages on its website.

Elsewhere, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative had 23 outages left in its service area. Eleven of those are in the Whitehall area.

BARC is reporting about 800 customers still without power. The utility asks customers who are still without power to call (800) 846-2272.


Governor McDonnell says less there are less than 100,000 Virginia power customers without power.

McDonnell says that across the state, 95,475 customers were still in the dark.

The strong derecho storms ripped through Virginia on Friday night, knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of customers across the Commonwealth.

Also Thursday, Governor McDonnell announced a 13th storm-related death. The most recent fatality happened in Fairfax County.

Meanwhile, Appalachian Power says it is making progress and has restored over 68 percent of its power outages in Virginia, following Friday's storm.

As of 4:15 p.m. Thursday, there were 76,733 Appalachian Power customers without power, which is down slightly from the nearly 79,000 customers at noon Thursday. At its peak, 243,000 Appalachian Power customers in Virginia were without power.
Appalachian Power's president explains that there may be more work to do after power is fully restored.

"Many of the fixes we have in place now are temporary, and we'll have to go in and normalize the system and get it back to regularly working," said Charles Patton, Appalachian Power president.

Appalachian Power has recruited up to 4,000 workers to help. Also Thursday, Appalachian Power fired On Power, one of the companies it had hired to help with  restoration efforts.

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