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How much money is being spent on political ads on WDBJ7?

WDBJ7 breaks down how much money is being spent on political ads on channel 7

July 12, 2012|Chris Hurst

They are everywhere, flooding the airwaves,

Trying to make an impression on you; the voter.

But the impression they may be making is that political ads are overwhelming, often cited as the largest expense for campaigns during the election cycle.

National experts predict ad spending could easily top a record 3 billion dollars for the Presidential race.

But have you ever wondered how much is spent locally, in the Roanoke-Lynchburg TV market and at our station.

The total amount spent so far is surprising.

We'll break it down by Presidential and Senatorial campaigns, and then by who is spending the money.

At the national level, President Obama's team so far has spent more than 6 hundred 60 thousand dollars with WDBJ.

Mitt Romney's team is close to 3 hundred fifty thousand dollars.

For the Virginia Senate, George Allen's camp has spent 23 thousand dollars for ads that have aired.

Tim Kaine's camp has no ads on our air yet, but both Kaine and Allen have a quarter of a million dollars set aside for ads with us later this year.


Now to the PAC, or political action committee spending.

Most of the ads are coming from the Karl Rove led American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS.

2 hundred sixty three thousand dollars worth of ads have appeared on WDBJ with nearly a million dollars ready to go.

The other PACs have spent less so far, but for the first time our station management can remember, ads are being placed weeks, even months in advance.

Meaning if your tired of political spots now, just wait until the fall.

Here are the totals. Money coming in to our station so far: 1 point 6 million dollars, with another 1.4 million budgeted to be spent.

And you may have wondered if our station can pick and choose which ads air. And the answer is yes and no.

If it's an ad directly from a candidate, we cannot censor or block the ad from running.

But we can refuse PAC ads, and in fact, at least two sets of eyes look at each ad before it runs and in some recent cases, WDBJ7 management has rejected an ad because of unsubstantiated claims.

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