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July 20, 2012
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April 20th

Is the end near?

You can't help but feel for the people impacted by the tornadoes that recently struck parts of the midwest, Raleigh, and here at home in Pulaski.  I've heard some people say it is a sign that the world is about to end.  While covering the aftermath in Pulaski, I interviewed a woman from a local church who believes the scriptures indicate the end is near.  There are also billboards around the Roanoke Valley saying Judgment Day is coming May 21st.

I am not anti-religious.  I strongly believe in freedom of religion.  I don't agree with every religion but I think people should have the right to believe in anyone or anything they want.  However, this 'end is near' talk really bothers me.  Sure, the end will come one day.  But how can anyone really predict it?  How can anyone really say they know what God is thinking?  

Since the beginning of time, people have been predicting the end of the world and guess what?  They've been wrong!  I think it really hurts your credibility when you predict the end of the world and then it doesn't happen.  If you want to tell people to get ready for Judgment Day, fine but let's all stop predicting the actual date.  See ya on the 21st. 


March 30

Why so much hate?

As a child, when I was mad at my parents I used to scream "I hate you."  Who hasn't done that?  My father would respond by saying "hate is such a strong word."  He is right.  There seems to be so much hatred lately.  Consider for a moment.  UVa is investigating possible anti-semite incidents involving Jewish students.  The right hate President Obama just as much as the left hated President George W. Bush.  Some Virginia Tech fans can't bring themselves to cheer on VCU because the Hokies didn't make it into the NCAA men's basketball tournament.  While we are it, many VT fans hate UVa, and many UVa fans hate VT.  My colleague Jean Jadhon posted a picture on facebook of her with a Lady Gaga impersonator from a charitable event.  Someone responded by calling the impersonator "it."  There was also the UCLA student who recently mocked asians on youtube.  

Then there is the murder/attempted suicide in Roanoke Monday.  A war broke out on the comment section of our website.  Someone wrote "damn blacks, this is Roanoke. Not South Central."  You could argue this statement is racist.  I am more concerned because the victim and the alleged shooter are both white!  What did the person's comment have anything to do with this senseless crime?

Not to sound self-righteous but why so much hate?  It just seems so sad and silly.  Think about it!

March 22nd

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